Costumes for Figure Skating

Rest company is one of the worlds' leading figure skating costume manufacturers. We only create unique and exclusive costumes for figure skaters.

In the process of creating a costume our designers bring their individuality as well as our corporate style. Before we even begin creating a design, our designers take into account music for the dance program and any suggestions that the coach, the choreographer and customers themselves would have.

However, we prioritize sporting functionality of a costume. Costume should only help figure skater to transcend the idea of a dance program and not complicate the skating.    

Here you can look through costume prices.

All the prices given for finished goods including cost of work, fabrics, supplement materials and decorations.

Price of the costume depends on complexity of the design, materials used and amount of decoration (stones, bids, fringes etc.)

It can take from 1 to 4 weeks to manufacture a costume. Duration depends on urgency of the order and stock availability of fabrics.

When you order you can choose whether you need a fitting in person or not. If you choose latter, you would need to take your own measurements and send them to us. We can send the costumes by mail or courier. 

How to pay